Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning based in Aldershot, Hampshire

We proudly offer our services in Aldershot, Hampshire, and neighbouring areas. We can travel further afield, however additional fuel charges may apply.

Carpet Drying Times

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Upholstery Cleaning

Domestic upholstery cleaning in Aldershot, Hampshire

Overtime your furniture will become soiled no matter how hard you try to prevent this from happening. Apart from spills sitting on your suite or fabric chairs can leave residue of oil and sweat. Overtime this can cause your furniture to become sticky which will attract dust and dirt. Once the dust and dirt are attracted they then become embedded and will overtime start to wear away at the fabric. Getting regular cleans will help your suite or any fabric furniture from aging and will ultimately last longer saving you money.

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Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning specialist in Aldershot, Hampshire

Most people make a costly decision to get hard flooring as they believe it is easier to clean and to maintain. This is not the case as mopping the floors alone will cause dirt and grime to be pushed into the grout lines. With our chemicals and cleaning process, we are able to extract the soil and grease leaving your floors clean, dry and smear free.

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial and office cleaners in Aldershot, Hampshire

Here at SL Carpet Cleaning  we are dedicated to only delivering the very best in customer service when we arrive to clean and maintain your office.

Our commercial cleaning teams are fully vetted and efficient in their cleaning services giving you full peace of mind. Our environmental and chemical-free cleaning values are at the forefront of our organisation.

Tenancy Cleans

Tenancy cleaning in Aldershot, Hampshire

We specialise in comprehensive tenancy cleaning solutions tailored for both landlords and tenants in Aldershot and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re preparing your property for new tenants or ensuring you get your full deposit back, our thorough beginning and end-of-tenancy cleans guarantee a spotless result.

Our professional team uses high-quality, eco-friendly products to deep clean every corner, from kitchens and bathrooms to carpets, upholstery and windows. 

Pricing & Location

For an accurate quote we recommend us being able to physically see and feel the carpet or upholstery. This allows us to test areas and make sure we choose the correct cleaning solution to give you the best results possible.

We are based in Aldershot in Hampshire and cover the surrounding areas up to a 1 hour drive from GU11 3RG, around 50 – 60 miles. If you need us to travel outside of this area please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are willing to travel.

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Carpet cleaning benefits include: